Sunday, September 15, 2013

Poem I wrote for the victims of the Newtown shooting

It refers to the pictures that were released of the children and some short descriptions I found online.

I don’t know why it happened
I don’t know why anything happens
So cruel, so completely ruthlessly evil

All I do know is how beautiful they are
Freckles and wrinkled nose, about to laugh
Catherine could make you smile, I can just tell

Taken far too soon, ripped from the love
Here they stood, so oblivious to the cruelness
In this world, everything was a fairytale and

Heroes always beat the villains
But Chase, that face could outshine
Any darkness as you cuddled him close.

Little hands, little feet, little ears,
No monsters under the bed,
They’re all out here.

Scaring them away with her bright light,
Ana’s energy radiates from her eyes,
I imagine her singing, or splashing in puddles.

So gorgeous, so full of life, but why
Would someone come and make
Everyone feel so empty from

This tragedy and how can we fix
Anything when these children
Are gone.

There’s something I can see,
In James, a brave soul, able
To be friends with anyone because

He thinks the best of the world.
Just like Grace, her blonde hair
Pinned back with a pink bow

And a knowing smile on her face,
She’s so sure, that the heart of
Humanity is good.

The love that lifts her up,
That lifts all of these children up.
Is not lost. It can’t be.

They are not here,
But they are not lost.
Still here, forever the smiles

Work into our minds.
Making us love harder,
Trying harder to be like a child.

So delighted,
His bright blue eyes look
Right into mine, Dylan is

Saying to smile too,
Because he doesn’t know why
You wouldn’t.

We know, we know
The deep, dark evils of this world,
How they can tear out our hearts,

Sharply ending something,
That barely got to begin.
And robbing parents of their angels,

Unfairly keeping Charlotte from
Giggling and dressing up in silly
Outfits because there are worlds

Of make believe unknowable to
Adults, and these lovely minds
Were full of imagination and

We have to ‘imagine’
A world where John Lennon’s
Words ring true.

That is the world worthy
Of Emilie’s cherub face,
Her cheeks kissable and hugs

Unlike anything making
You feel truly important
Because the love for a child

Is what we know is always right,
So this is so completely wrong.
Nothing like this could happen

When these children are saying
Things in a different language,
Mastering things so amazing

For someone so young.
Taking care of sisters.
Teaching, and learning,

Ready to go for the day
Daniel would grin with
Those two teeth missing,

Still kissing his father
Goodbye, because love
Comes before pride, or greed

Or hate. These little
People are all full of love,
Wearing wings,

Olivia could carry that role perfectly,
Her face as stunning as a rose,
No thorns, just petals,

Bringing joy, just as all
These children did.
Because innocence is not blind,

It is purple, Josephine’s favorite
Color, and it’s setting up lemonade
Stands, riding bikes, and wearing,

Bright, flowered dresses.
Madeleine holds her favorite
Book, and she is determined to finish

It, her eyes sparkling as she looks
Up with accomplishment,
Like sunshine,

And tall grass, horses wild,
And free like Jesse and his zest
For life is contagious,

Neighbors hearing him having fun,
And smiling to themselves,
Because everything they do

Is so pure and good,
Like Jack’s full support
Of the New York Giants,

Because he saw some tough
Guys, some guys like him,
Who are strong and sweet, like

Noah saying ‘Not as much as
I love you’, and holding
Hands with his twin sister.

Wives, husbands, fathers, mothers,
Doctors, teachers, and good people,
These children would’ve certainly

Become, but their love and lives,
Will continue to affect many,
Making wonderful things happen

That we cannot imagine,
And inspiring people to be like
Caroline, so generous and

Goodhearted, her eyelashes so long,
And her body always on the move,
Soaking up life.

Jessica, blue eyes, and thoughtful
Disposition, drawing horses,
With much care, and making

One for the fridge at home,
Her little brother and her parents,
Drawn under clouds and with flowers.

Curly, brunette hair, and
A wiggly tooth, Avielle
Wanted an easy bake oven

To make cookies for her mom,
Always thinking of others,
Pink cowboy boots, not

Brown, eyes, and the sweetest face,
Love for life, Benjamin
Made you feel the bass,

As you dance along to your
Favorite song,
Seeing his spirit big and strong.

Small hands in the garden,
Allison tended to the flowers
As lovely and sweet as her,

Humming a song, not
A care in the world,
It’s not fair

That we can’t hear
What they say, or sing, or yell,
Anymore, that they cannot

Hug, or kiss or touch,
But their spirits can still bring
Tremendous joy, happiness, love

And that can never be
Taken away.

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