Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Whenever she ate peanut butter
She thought of the allergic kids
In her class who didn’t taste it
And as she played freeze tag
Out under the stars she
Thought of the girl she saw
At the hospital stuck in a
Chair and breathing fake air

Even when she didn’t know
Someone unable to do the
Things in her life she figured
There was someone somewhere
Unable to shower in peace
Or hold hands with a boy
Her moments became wishes
For friends and strangers

Her life didn’t form her, it
Corroded her, as she learned
More about sad people
She knew less about herself
And when a man fell in love
With her she told him you’re
Not in love with me, you’re

In love with the absence of
Everyone else’s happiness, the
Hope that’s been lost and
The dreams built up and
Squandered somewhere out there
Everything I hold does not
Belong to me and if you
Want the world’s wastewaters
Then taste my lips

He responded with care
Saying that he knew what
She held inside and if that
Meant that he was in love
With an old man’s tears
Over a life he didn’t want
Or a family that a woman
Never got to have or

The poems not written or
Song’s not sung then that’s
What he loved and he loved
Every single forgotten
Teddy bear in her closet and
Every love-me-not
Petal that was in her hair.

The withered and decayed,
Ugly and depressed,
Everything without rest.
Bags under eyes and dirt under
Nails, these things weren’t
Terrible anymore, they weren’t
Lost, he had found them and

Now when he brushed her hair
Back or stroked her arm
The goosebumps were signs
That she could feel what
She had right then, and
Even though she was filled up
Bent in and overturned like a rock
He could see the ways to

Move her in the wind.

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