Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Part II: Floating

You probably still wonder why that man killed the dog
That one night we were on a hiking path in the woods
And he just kept beating it until it stopped making squealing noises
Mom and Dad told you he was sick and on drugs that made him mad
But you still wondered sometimes why someone would do that
And why there were little boys who were just like you, but so hungry and sad
You wrote to Santa telling him to take the cookies to feed them and
The toys for them to smile even though there would be none for you

When you got older you wanted to travel the world and climb giant rocks
You loved everything big and stuff that took you closer to the sky
If you got old enough you would find a girl and she would be lucky
Because once you loved someone they were all yours
You would protect them against anyone and shield
Them from the terrors that they cry about at night
You always had thoughts about the world and I wonder
If you were still here what you would be learning in school

In my science class my teacher told us that there is this thing called
Potential energy and if a ball is at the top of the slide it
Has so much potential energy even though it’s just sitting there
It hasn’t gone down the slide but it still has something
So I asked her that since you never grew up if that energy
Was still floating around somewhere or where it went
And she looked at me strangely not knowing what to
Say because most people don’t when I bring you up
Except to say sorry but that’s not what I wanted to hear
And so I stopped her in the middle and said that energy
Was neither created nor destroyed so how could my
Brother’s energy be destroyed.
It couldn’t, could it?

She asked Jen to take me to the office but I said I
Didn’t do anything wrong and I just needed to know
If it was still out there because maybe I could find it
And put it in a jar and keep it on my shelf and maybe
You would still be with us sometimes instead of
Your ashes in an urn on the cabinet that only make
Us all feel sad and depleted your energy could

Lift us all up and maybe make us fly

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