Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tell me.

tell me what it's like to feel everything
and tell me how much it hurts 
tell me how much it hurts when everything comes crashing down inside your ribs
tell me how it feels when you cry so much that its hard to breathe and you can't inhale
please tell me what it's like inside your mind where you feel things you can't even describe and there's this itching to let them out
tell me what it's like to sometimes have limbs filled with sand and a chest ripped apart by a hurricane
to have feelings you don't know how to feel and thoughts you don't know where to put.
please explain to me how you work, 
how the beautiful silences curl around your lips and how fire burns the edges of me when you speak
how jagged rocks cut your insides and there's scar tissue in the bottom of your feet
how concrete doesn't compare to the landing you feel when your mind goes careening into the darkness
coming close to combustion
i want to know how it feels to be crushed from the inside out. 
because then maybe it'll make sense.

it'll make sense the way your destroying me but i've never felt more whole.

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